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Walk-In Closets

For many homeowners in Seattle, Washington, the storage support that is currently available through their home’s existing closets can often be woefully inadequate for their individual needs. Whether it’s the storage capacity that is severely lacking or even the general design/layout of the existing closet, it’s quite common (and often extremely beneficial) to explore upgrade options for your home’s current closet systems. Such as expanding a home’s reach-in closets to accommodate more spatiality; thus/often converting the inadequate closet space into a walk-in closet or something very similar. Not only does equipping your property with a walk-in closets afford the occupants with ample storage and promote routine organization but it can also prove to be an extremely lucrative investment as far as the property value is concerned. To that regard, our company, Craftsman Closets, offers comprehensive coverage relating to walk-in closet services; including walk-in closet designs, walk-in closet installations, walk-in closet upgrades, as well as customized walk-in closet construction. As a matter of course, we offer flexible scheduling and immediate response times when tasked with incorporating a walk-in closet (or multiple walk-in closets) to a local patron’s home. Reach out directly to garner more information regarding our walk-in closet services - such as walk-in closet pricing or service availability.


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Walk-In Closet Services

Walk-In Closet Construction

Once our clients have worked with our walk-in closet designers to render the vision of their walk-in closet, we can begin in earnest to go about constructing & installing the walk-in closet around the convenience of the customer in question. Likely due to our extensive experience with designing, constructing, and ultimately installing walk-in closets on behalf of local customers here in Washington, we expedite the entire process as quickly and efficiently as prudently possible. We maximize the time we have allotted to each outing in order to safeguard against stagnation or lack of progression when constructing and/or installing a customized walk-in closet. Moreover, we’ve developed several construction techniques for walk-in closets as well as pioneered many installation methods pertaining to walk-in closet that streamline the entire endeavor to reduce “down time” regarding the property’s utility. Call ahead or send us a description of your preferred walk-in closet circumstances and we’ll be in contact immediately upon receipt.

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