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About Craftsman Closets

Our Roots

Decades of efficacy & efficiency in locally scaled, custom cabinetry projects such as customized closets, customized garages, entertainment centers, custom home offices, and custom laundry rooms play a very significant role in our company's, Craftsman Closets', success as a local contractor here in Seattle, Washington! Our committment to quality as well as truly customizable services and capacities have served as the very foundation for our company to expand our coverage and ultimately deliver on the promises we offer our local residents/clients. With more than 10 years experience, as a means to provide security, safety, and sustenance to our family here at Craftsman Closets, our company soon has grown to evolve to be something much, much more than that.

Our Future

While being a locally-operated, locally-owned, and "family-first" entity has given us the oft-enviable opportunity to provide our local clients and fellow homeowners in Seattle, Washington with complete peace of mind when it concerns their property and any subsequent services that may be needed, it has also given us the means to express our passion and offer our customer truly unique and customizable options. Custom garages, Murphy/Hideaway beds, Storage Beds, custom pantries & cabinetry as well as custom closets, storage and laundry rooms are but a few among the many capacities that our masterful custom cabinetry teams are renowned for pioneering.



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