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Closet Designs

Nearly every home needs to be able to maximize the true potential of the closets that lend storage support to bedrooms and spatial accommodations for other areas of the house. Be it a sprawling estate featuring a battalion of bedrooms with ample amenities and alluring appeal. Or a quaint, unassuming cottagesque affair with simple features and a modest layout, the need for emphatic attention when it concerns the home’s closet(s) and their design/construction is largely incontestable.

As many homeowners in Seattle, Washington will likely agree with, the closets of their homes play an instrumental role in not only the home’s predilection for convenient storage but also their innate ability to transform that particular portion of the home into a centerpiece of accommodation. Also, when a property is adorned with a professionally designed/constructed closet, it becomes an undeniable focal point that will inevitably lead to increasing the property’s monetary value tremendously.
To that effect, we’ve adapted our company, our construction/design-related services, and our overall approach towards affecting quality coverage to accomplish those inherent benefits and then some!



Design Options

Through our storied tenure as one of Seattle, Washington’s chosen service providers for home improvements and property upgrade coverage, we’ve discovered that it’s essential to navigate each closet based project in an individualized or property-specific fashion to ensure several key metrics are being met.
Chief among those fundamental service-aspects we offer Seattle, Washington properties being the timeliness of our closet designs, construction coverage, and/or remodeling/renovation services; the company-wide standards that we studiously endeavor to uphold, and above all else; the insurmountable satisfaction of our clients’ in relation to our company’s commissioning.

Having made that mention, we are proud to offer our extensive expertise in all options and expressions pertaining to a home’s closets: custom closet designs & installation, professional closet remodeling & renovation coverage, specialized closet expansion & construction, and basically anywhere in between!

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  • Closet Storage
  • Shelves
  • Lighting
  • Counters
  • Cabinets


Craftsman Closets


Closet Design Options & Consultations

Depending on the size, scale, and design ambition of a project surrounding the customization of a home’s closet, it may prudent to take advantage of our closet design consultations prior to committing to a particular closet contractor or closet design company that services your Seattle, WA area. We encourage any homeowners in & around Seattle, Washington who are coveting reliable coverage concerning custom closets & closet designs to reach out to our in-house closet design specialists to discuss the closet design options we offer through our closet design coverage.


Closet Ideas

As a part of our continuous efforts to curtail local access to subpar or less-than-stellar contractor options regarding home assembly, our company offers complete closet coverage for new builds, custom homes, and residential property development.
During the infancy (or the beginning stages) of a construction project, it’s essential to ensure certain interior elements, such as bedroom/hallway closets and hideaway storage, are incorporated into the property’s design & layout.
Our in-house closet construction specialists have decades of experience in all phases of the construction of a closet; regardless if the scope of the closet construction project is large, small, complex, simplistic, or a posses traits of all of the above.
Using strictly choice materials, sustainable construction methods/practices, and an unwavering commitment to quality closet construction, our staff of closet designers & closet installation teams are able to truly realize the dream closet systems of our beloved patrons.
For clients who are interested in obtaining a cost/obligation-free closet consultation for your current/pending new construction project, we encourage all local property owners in Maple Valley, Washington to correspond directly with our in-house closet construction experts.


Closet Designs Done The Right Way

It’s rare that there is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to features & amenities of one’s home; and the design, layout, and overall accommodation of the home’s closets are certainly no exception. Whether it’s a walk-in closet that is bedecked with yards of shoe racks, supportive shelving, and space-saving racks for clothing, or a modest affair that simply provides a safe area for minuscule storage, it’s always best to cater a closet design to the specifications & preferences of the owners. In light of this, we’ve honed our skills and broadened our service capacities here at Craftsman Closets to accommodate custom closet designs & closet installations on behalf of our valued clients in & around Seattle, Washington. Our closet design services are available at the behest of our local patrons 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday) during the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please get in touch with our closet design specialists we have on staff at Craftsman Closets at your soonest convenience.






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