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Garage Storage Solutions

In our experience as a premier construction outfit responsible for home improvements via spatial expansion & consolidation, we've had the great fortune to assist our local clients and customers with their garage storage concerns. Shelving designed to showcase tools and equipment, cabinetry in place to safely and subtly store particulars, or combination of the two notwithstanding; we know our trade and know it well! Continue reading below if you wish to garner additional information about how we're not only participating in the 'garage storage' industry but actually pioneering it in many aspects as well.



Garage Storage Shelving

Counted amongst our vaunted garage storage services and areas of garage storage coverage is our inclusion of customized shelving specifically designed to support spatial capacity in a garage setting. Itemizing, organizing, and safely storing tools, machinery, and equipment is equally as important as properly housing holiday decorations, extra linens, and/or sporting gear - and our garage shelving storage accommodates that and more! Our garage shelving storage is expertly composed by strictly using quality materials, longevity-oriented designs, and sound construction to ensure the continued satisfaction of our clients and customers. Please remember that all additional questions, inquiries, or service opportunities can be rapidly expedited by speaking with our garage storage specialists directly.


Craftsman Closets

Garage Storage Cabinets

Much like the garage shelving storage options we offer local washington homeowners seeking extended storage capacity for their garages, our garage cabinetry storage is also specifically designed to store particulars with safety, security, and longevity. To best assure our customers are absolutely exhilarated with their chosen garage cabinetry storage, we offer customized cabinetry as well as proficiency in many popular/common cabinets. Featuring punctual services (garage cabinetry installations, garage cabinetry designs, garage cabinetry upgrades, etc) and a genuine desire to improve the accommodation & comfort of our patron's homes, it's no wonder why we are largely considered the leading authority in washington when it pertains to customized garage cabinetry storage.

Custom Garage Storage

Oftentimes our garage storage experts here at craftsman's closets are enlisted to design, construct, and eventually install custom garage storage systems over our local competitors for a multitude of reasons; chief among those reasons being due to our decades of garage storage experience and an undeniable commitment to quality. By combining level shelving that is both spacious and accommodating with cabinetry that is as tasteful as it is serviceable, our teams of garage storage specialists are able to provide key garage storage solutions in a time when space and savings are a very coveted commodity. We encourage all local Seattle, Washington homeowners to consider recruiting our garage storage expertise when the time comes to upgrade their current spatially-deficient garage and subsequent storage capacities.






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